Sir Isaac Newton was a great scientist.He had a little dog named Diamond.One day he went out of his room leaving his little dog asleep before the fire.For twenty years he was hard at work,studing a most difficult subject.On the table lays heap of papers on which he had put down the findings of his research for twenty years.When his master left the room ,and little Daimond,jumped on the table and overturned the lighted candle.The papers at once caught fire .Just when the paper had been completed burnt,Newton opened the door of the room.He saw that the fruits of his twenty years Labour’s had been turned into a heap of ashes.Three stood Diamond,the cause of his misichief.Almost any other man would have killed the dog on the spur of the moment .But Newton patted him on the head with kindness,although his heart was full of grief.Then he patiently set to work again.

MORAL:Patience is the strength of character.

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